The first corpus of laws of the Republic of San Marino dates back to 1295 and decrees its independent statute, which has been maintained with pride and perseverance up to now.The autonomous nature of this atypical state entity, that is today a sovereign enclave within the Italian territory, emerged clearly in the Covid era. After an initial lockdown, in line with Italy, the so-called Terra Perpetuae Libertatis introduced different containment regulations in autumn: restaurants, sport and cultural centres in the area were left open, in order to try to revive the financial conditions and keep the situation under control, given its limited geographical extension. Nevertheless, if on the one hand the pandemic made San Marino’s legislative autarchy visible, on the other hand it highlighted, with its unpredictability, the close relationship that this tiny Republic has with Italy and how much the decisions of the neighboring government weighs on its economy fuelled by tourism.

Terra Perpetuae Libertatis was carried out for Parallelozero Photo&Video Agency and is part of the collective project CoviDiaries, a multifaceted narrative about the effects that the pandemic had on our lives.