I carried out this project between 2005 and 2006. At the time, I was working as a bartender to support my studies. I began to document the alcoholic nights I spent at the bar without a precise plan. What moved me was an indefinite sentimental impulse to which I was unable to give precise contours. There was, undeniably, also a creative vanity that pushed me to take the shot, but I could already perceive in those moments how this was subordinate to the urgency of fixing forever that corner of life. Perhaps unconsciously I already knew that those days would soon fade away, with the speed with which every destiny moves.
After many years I can observe those images with a different awareness and greater lucidity. I can now better grasp the common thread that keeps them tied to each other.
This series of shots tells me today about that wonderful presumption of being eternal that is typical of youth, the total absence of death as an eventuality, the days when every future is great and, like the present, within reach.
We made a mockery of the trivial responsibilities of adult life that would never have infected us because our spirit was punk, arrogant, invulnerable and above all naive.
Because those were the days of our immortality.